Short Stories and A Novel

Su Blackwell– The Twelve Dancing Princesses, 

Short Stories

Talk To Me


A Good Job

Work Literary Magazine – October 2017

Eleanor Was Always With Her

 Front Porch Review -October 2016


Mulberry Fork Review – 2016

Human Resources

 Work Literary Magazine – January 2016


 Avalon Literary Review – Fall 2015

A Novel

 The Last Daughter of Elizabeth Light

In a family of voyagers and seekers, what does it mean to truly come home?

IMG_2767 (1)_edited-2

In this intricate narrative about destiny and legacy, author Bonita LeFlore guides readers backwards from 2001 to the late 1700’s through the stories of nine generations of the Light family. Following the physical journey of a book passed from parent to child, The Last Daughter of Elizabeth Light reveals a family history repeating itself through centuries.

The two-hundred-year journey of the Light family shows just how true are ancient words of advice about the continuity of time and place. Through tales circling the globe from the United States and England to Australia and New Zealand and involving women’s issues, family relationships, and the connection between what came before and what comes after, readers will travel with the family through its ancestry to discover not only its roots but also what they mean for its future. Available on Amazon all ebook platforms and Indie Bound stores.

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